oda swiąteczna potvory

Holiday Ode

A homage to Polish poet Ernest Bryll and his poem regarding consumerism.

motion typography, found footage video

Akademos. A place for Poets and Philosophers – Gutenberg-Museum in Mainz, Germany, 2016
Finalist of Typomania Festival in Moscow, 2015
Motyf Festival, Kino Muranów in Warsaw, Poland, 2014


1 · Poem

Happy are they, who together with us
Push trolleys in the supermarts
And stand proudly at checkout counters
Like The Elect at Heaven‘s Gate.

Happy are they, who with their families
Gobble Big Macs at MacDonald‘s,
Munching on such buns, they‘ll not
Taste all tender flavours of the universe.

Recollection of another world does not
Suppress their souls. They have all
They ever wanted at a price affordable

And though they watch nightmares only
On TV, they sleep as if enchanted
Quietly, shallowly and memory-free.

Holiday Ode by Ernest Bryll
Translated by Karolina Maślarz and John a‘Beckett
oda swiąteczna potvory

2 · Motion design

Each fragment of the poem is visually different – it has its background video, motion typography and music. There is no transition between the scenes – it is like a helpless switching of TV channels.

The found footage video uses 26 clips – mostly advertisements that we found on Vimeo and YouTube.

VIDEOS (in order of appearance)
Chris Bryan – Phantom Water EditMeta Nation – TV Static Stock FootageStreeters – H&M Loves Music – Coachella DayMax Wilson – Chicago Timelapse ProjectJulia Lego – Souvenirs d’un TableauBastien Roger – Chanel Mascara 2008Florian Döring – Coffe Circle – Good CoffeeMehrab Moghadasian – PizzaJuuso Mettälä – BubblesTime-Slice Films – Max Factor MascaraŁikasz Izert – Bubbles In The BeerDigital Kitchen – Forza Motorsport 4Peppa Pig TV Commercial „Park Range”Nike Snowboarding – Never Not Part 2Felipe Meneghel – Burger King BourbonizePedigree – Healthy Longevity AdvertShawn Knol – Oil In WaterML FILMS – Bubble LifeSkyn Original Sensation French AdSander van der Berg – Outer SpaceIKEA UK – Playing’ With My Freinds Advert  • ITX MERKEN B.V. – Pull & Bear SS 2013Nokia N8 Pink – FreedomYellowHat Japanese CommercialLorenzo Mazzega – Skin L’ADN – Mercedes
MUSIC (in order of appearance)
Arvo Pärt – The Woman With The Alabaster Box • Nine Inch Nails – Heresy (Blind) • Bruno Coulais – The Goose An The Abbot • Crystal Castles – Good Time • Sebastien Tellier – Pomme • Soft Cell – Forever The Same • The Knife feat. Planingtorock, Mt. Sims – Colouring Of Pigeons • The Seatbelts – American Money • Crystal Castles – Wrath Of God • Dirty Projectors + Björk – Sharing Orb • Clint Mansell – First Snow • Massive Attack – Future Proof • Małe Wu Wu – Indianie na tapczanie • The Chemical Brothers – We Are The Night • Anja Garbarek – The Telescope Man Says • The Knife – Oryx • The Seatbelts – Cats On Mars • Múm – Dancing Behind My Eyelids • Phoenix – Love Like A Sunset • Cults – Most Wanted • Sigur Rós – Hryggjarsula • Dead Can Dance – Wilderness • Björk – Cosmogony (El Guincho Remix) • Forest Swords – Irby Tremor • The Seatbelts – Doggy Dog • Enigma – Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! • Health – Severin • Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts IV

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